• What makes InvestControl different from common stock apps?

  • InvestControl is a complete investment manager, what means it can track different types of investments, like stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds, enter activities, configure alerts, receive relevant news, and analyze portfolios, all in a convenient mobile interface. No other software in this segment offers so many features.

  • I live in [country]. Can InvestControl retrieve prices for my stocks?

  • InvestControl can retrieve prices for all stocks available in Yahoo! Finance, including worldwide stocks, as long as you specify the correct symbol and exchange (when applicable). Alternatively, you can configure InvestControl to extract the price from any publicly available web page where this information is published.

  • How can I update the prices of my other investments (bonds, options, funds etc)?

  • Except for stocks and some US funds, other types of invesment cannot be updated directly via quote provider (Yahoo! Finance). In these cases, you can update the price manually or using the Page Capture mode.

  • InvestControl is not updating my stocks. What's wrong?

  • 1) Check if there is an Internet connection available;
    2) Check if the stock symbols are correct, exactly as used in Yahoo! Finance;
    3) For non-US stocks, check if stock exchange suffixes are appended to the symbols. Check here for a list of valid exchanges (third column, suffix);
    4) Check if the update mode for the stocks is set to "Quote Provider";
    5) If the update works when pressing the Update button but not automatically, check if Auto Update is enabled in the program settings, and the time period scheduled;

    If a specific symbol is not updating while others are, please read the next answer.

  • Updates via quote provider stopped working for some of my symbols while others are still working. What's wrong?

  • Check if the stock is up-to-date in Yahoo! Finance. If it is, Yahoo! Finance may have stopped making it available to external apps. This may be temporary or not, and you may have to use Page Capture mode to obtain the price. Note that in this case you can use Page Capture with Yahoo's page itself. For example, to capture the Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJI) you can use URL and an expression like <span id="yfs_l10_^dji">{price}</span>

  • How Page Capture mode works?

  • Please refer to this tutorial to learn how to capture prices from generic pages, and these samples submitted by our users.

  • Page Capture mode is not working anymore for one of my assets.

  • Probably the page layout has changed; please review your capture expression against the new layout.

  • My stocks are traded in pences and InvestControl displays their prices and values incorrectly.

  • Please edit each asset and set "Price Units" to 100.

  • How can I transfer InvestControl to a new phone?

  • Use "Menu/Tools/Backup data" on your old phone to copy your data to a file named "invest.bak" in the external storage. Copy that file to the new phone and import it in InvestControl using "Menu/Tools/Import data". If you have a Dropbox account you can use it to backup/restore the data file between devices.

  • How can I restore a backup from Dropbox?

  • In the app settings, go to "Security/Backup", inform the backup folder where the file will be downloaded to, and ensure that "Backup to Dropbox" is checked. In the main screen, select "Menu/Tools/Restore data".

  • Does InvestControl integrate with any broker for buying/selling stocks?

  • No, InvestControl's purpose is to provide analytical info about investments you own or are interested in, in a institution-independent way.

  • Can I enter transactions for an asset directly, without using cash accounts as origins?

  • Yes. The downside is that InvestControl will be unable to track your monthly savings for investments (see next question).

  • InvestControl seems not to consider my monthly investments in the "New Deposits" chart in the portfolio report.

  • "New Deposits" displays the total amount of "new money" you are saving monthly for investments. In order to detect this "new money", you must enter it as a deposit to a cash account before entering a "Buy" transaction in some asset. For example, if you are saving 1K from your salary this monthy to buy stock A, you should first enter a deposit of 1K in cash account B. Then enter a "Buy" transaction for stock A which origin is account B.

  • InvestControl does not seem to support some characteristics of my investment. What now?

  • Let us know about your case and we'll study the possibility of adding support for it while keeping the app as generic and easy to use as possible.

  • I've found a bug! How do I report it?

  • Please contact us about your problem, including any information that could be useful to reproduce the issue, like sample symbols, screenshots and detailed steps. Avoid using Google Play reviews to report bugs since we cannot respond there.

  • I have a suggestion for improvement.

  • Great, please use the contact form and let us know!