MyDecision is a mobile decision tool that can help in any scenario where a rational comparison is needed. It can be used equally well for simple comparisons or for complex decision problems involving a large number of options, criteria and opinions.

MyDecision allows you to quickly rate and compare choices based on any number of criteria and opinions with different weights, and generate ranking reports and comparison charts that can help in the decision process. You just need to follow these simple steps:
  1. Create a comparison project;
  2. Enter all criteria that will be used to compare your options;
  3. Enter all options being compared;
  4. Rate all options against each criterion;
  5. View the comparison results.
MyDecision is not a game or another "flip-the-coin" app. It is a real mobile decision tool!

  • Criteria, options and opinions can be enabled or disabled with a single click in order to test different combinations and scenarios
  • "Star", yes/yo, numeric and percent ratings are supported
  • Optional facts/specifications can be entered for each item being compared
  • Instant preview panel (displays continuously all ranking positions at every modification made)
  • "Value for Money" score mode measures the benefits offered by each option against its cost
  • An intelligent criteria comparison assistant helps you to quickly weight criteria without redundancies
  • Dual report layout (horizontal/vertical, automatically adjusted when orientation changes)
  • Fast input mode for criteria, options and opinions
  • Dual rating mode: by option or by criterion
  • Detailed result report with ranking positions, ratings per criteria and specifications
  • Comparison charts (results per option or per criterion)
  • Result report can be shared via e-mail and compatible apps
  • Unlimited number of criteria, options and opinions (licensed version)
Example usages
  • Compare products, from gadgets to houses
  • Compare jobs or candidates
  • Choose the best place for an event
  • Calculate ratings for your own reviews

Get MyDecision now for FREE* and see how it can turn your phone into a powerful decision tool and save much time in your day-to-day decisions!

*Free version is ad-supported and allows a limited number of criteria, options and opinions per project. Purchasing a license key you get:
  • No ads
  • Unlimited number of criteria, options and opinions
  • Additional functions like database backup/restore

Some praises from Google Play customers

"Very useful app to make decisions as rational as possible. Very helpful for important decisions."

"Excellent tool to help visualize all the variables involved in making a decision. Very easy to use and clean interface."

"Nicely designed, easy to use, looks good, exported report equally professional looking."

"Great idea, very useful and versatile."

"Very smart app, great for comparing gadgets."

"Really useful! Very practical and fun way to compare anything. Nice interface also."

"Initial impression is this is a superb decision making application, quality of the developer really shows."