Nowadays we have plenty of information sources, from email to RSS, Twitter and Facebook. Although we also have awesome apps to read them all, it is very difficult to keep an eye in everything all the time, so it is easy to miss those news that would really interest us. Have you ever missed a great deal about something you were after because you didn't check that site on that exact day? Would you like to spend less time in Facebook but still know what your best friends or your children are posting? Newspy helps you fight the information overload!

Newspy continuously searches several sources for relevant news based on custom rules you define, and notifies you as soon as they arrive. It is not meant to replace your favorite news reader or Twitter/Facebook client for casual reading, but to complement them instead.

To use Newspy you just need to:
  1. Define the news sources to be checked periodically. This can include RSS Channels, your Twitter timeline, Facebook wall updates, LinkedIn network updates, Tumblr and Reddit posts, web pages and e-mail messages.

  2. Create rules (keyword lists or expressions) that will be used to find relevant news and associate them to the sources.
Newspy will periodically fetch the latest news from all sources, retain only those that match your search rules, and consolidate them into a single stream. It will then show alerts for items found.

Know fast when...
  • some product or service is offered in Groupon, SlickDeals - or your favorite deals/coupon sites
  • a specific person posts something in a social network
  • an important message arrives at your email inbox
  • your preferred artist or team is in the news
  • your stocks are mentioned in financial news
  • a new job offer matches your skills
  • a new review/article is published for a product
  • a product you want is in stock again
  • and much more!
  • Reads RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Tumblr posts, web pages and e-mails.
  • Searches titles, descriptions and source/sender names.
  • RSS channels can be added manually, imported from OPML files and Web sites or selected from a list of suggestions.
  • Supports regular expressions, negative rules and relevance levels for advanced filtering.
  • Last matches are retained and can be read with the built-in viewer.
  • Important items can be clipped and retained permanently.
  • You can export all news to Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive and read them comfortably on your desktop computer.
  • Rules are assigned to specific sources and vice-versa for more precise matching.
  • TTS (Text-to-speech) function can read news to you when you are commuting (paid version).
  • Built-in search for news captured.

A license key is available for purchase in the Google Play store. When installed, it enables the following features:
  • No ads
  • Unlimited news sources and search rules
  • Notifications for new items and TTS (Text-to-speech)