Newspy - Press Release

July, 23rd 2012 - Android App Captures Relevant News Based on Custom Rules

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Acquasys announced the availability of Newspy, a news filter app designed to automatically search for news from different sources using user-defined rules.

The app allows the user to define an unlimited list of news sources to search, from e-mail accounts to RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds. The user can then create search rules using keywords and expressions, and assign them to the desired sources.

The app continuously monitors all sources and notifies the user of news items matching the rules defined. Clicking on the notification opens the original source for further reading.

Although the app can simply run as a background notification service, the user can access the latest news captured, save and export them right from the app.

Some of the possible uses include watching promotions in deal sites, receive fresh news for a specific product, sport or artist, job searching or even monitor children updates in social networks.

Newspy is available now as a Beta version in the Google Play Store. For more info:


About Acquasys
Acquasys is a software company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Having delivered IT consultancy services to several large companies, Acquasys started its own portfolio of solutions for mobile devices since the arrival of the first Pocket PCs, and later specialized in innovative software for Android.