Time Balance - Press Release

January, 11th 2012 - Android App Helps Users to Better Spend Their Personal Time

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Acquasys announced the availability of Time Balance, a personal-oriented time tracker for Android that aims to control the duration of common daily activities like exercises, study, work or sleep.

The app allows the user to create a list of activities that are performed in his/her routine for each day of the week, start/stop them interactively and see later how the time has been allocated, in several intervals. If desired, all entries can also be exported to apps like Microsoft Excel for a deeper analysis.

It is also possible to set minimum and maximum duration limits for each activity and receive alerts when they are exceeded.

In order to allow continuous use with no impact on the phone's battery life, the app employs a proprietary time accounting system that works even if the device is turned off.

"Time Balance is the first time tracker that focus on personal activities and helps users to figure out how they have been using their valuable daily time', said Heber Acquafreda, founder and CEO of Acquasys. "It can not only show you if you have been dedicating less or more time that you should in certain activities, but can also help you to fight this by establishing limits."

Time Balance is available now in the Google Play Store. For more info: http://www.acquasys.com


About Acquasys
Acquasys is a software company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Having delivered IT consultancy services to several large companies, Acquasys started its own portfolio of solutions for mobile devices since the arrival of the first Pocket PCs, and later specialized in innovative software for Android.