Auto rating and pre-conditions

By Site Adm on 7/30/2018

It is now easier than ever rate your options using MyDecision. 

If "Auto rate based on fact values" is checked, the app will try to calculate the appropriate ratings for all options according to their fact values.

For instance, let's suppose project "Phone" has a criterion "Battery" with type "Stars" and 3 options (Phone1, Phone2 and Phone3) with facts "3000mAh", "3500mAh" and "4000mAh" respectively. If auto-rating is enabled, the app will give 5 stars to Phone3 (as it has the highest value), 4 stars to Phone2 and 3 stars to Phone1. Auto-rating also works for Yes/No criteria. If the fact is empty, "N" or "No" then it is assumed to be "No", otherwise it is assumed to be "Yes".

It is also possible to set a pre-condition to be checked against each option's fact values. For instance, if you set a pre-condition "Less than 50000" for criterion "Price", any option which have a value greater or equal to 50000 in field "Price" under section "Facts" will be discarded from the comparison automatically.