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Pocket Decider is a mobile decision software based on MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis) designed for Windows Mobile devices.

Pocket Decider is very easy to use and can help in any scenario where a rational decision is needed. It can be used equally well for small comparisons or for complex decision problems involving hundreds of options, criteria and opinions. In any case, the basic process is very simple:
  1. Build a list of the criteria to evaluate and give them a weight according to their importance.

  2. Enter all options you wish to compare.

  3. Rate the options against each criterion. If desired, ask other people to do the same.

  4. Let Pocket Decider compute all data and rank your alternatives automatically!

Pocket Decider is not a game or another "flip-the-coin" program. It is a real mobile decision tool!
Some Uses
  • Compare products for purchasing
  • Choose a new car, home etc
  • Choose a new job or select a new employee
  • Select the best project to start
  • Choose the best place for an event
  • Calculate ratings for product reviews

For more ideas, take a look at our list of shared templates. You will discover that possibilities are endless for this product.

Free Trial Try Pocket Decider for free and see how it can turn you mobile device into a powerful decision tool, and how much time it can save in your day-to-day decisions!

A few words from our customers

"When I have to make a decision, I usually sit at my computer and put my alternatives and their pros and cons in Excel and compare them. Well, this program makes this sooo much easier and insteresting! Wherever I am, I just enter the alternatives, weight each criterion, give my ratings and voila! And you can quickly enable and disable any of the criteria, to see what happens with the result, it's amazing. Very well done!"

"I haven't found many options for decision making for the ppc, but this is by far the most complete, and is very easy to use too. Ok, there are times when we really don't want our decisions to be rational, but this app can help a lot in most cases."

"I think some decisions cannot be made in such a "rational" way, but this program certainly helps in many cases. It's very easy to use and have some very nice features, like templates, charts and a quick entry form. Given the almost unlimited number of scenarios in which it can be used, I think the price is very reasonable too."

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