• Unlimited options, criteria and opinions can be entered

  • Any combination of options, criteria and opinions can be analyzed as each item can be enabled or disabled at any time

  • Weight-based criteria and opinions

  • Weight leveling assistant for criteria

  • 4 criterion types for easy classification: numeric, yes/no, textual and stars

  • Definable criteria restrictions and defaults

  • Criteria can be categorized for better organization

  • Quick Entry Form for fast item inclusion (criteria/options/opinions)

  • Dual opinion view (by option or by criterion)

  • Optional Random Opinion mode

  • Simulation mode (generates thousands of hypothetical rating combinations to show how they could affect the decision analysis)

  • Preference Factor can reflect your personal and emotional preferences in the analysis result

  • Opinions can be locked, making their ratings invisible to other reviewers

  • Other customizable decision settings (number of choices, maximum rating and weight values, minimum score, score format etc)

  • Projects can be saved as Decision Templates for sharing and reuse

  • Templates can be published and downloaded directly from program

  • Analysis result displayed as ranking list, bar charts and report

  • Generates a complete report in HTML format using two layouts (mobile or desktop)

  • Optional result preview pane shows the current option rank instantly at every data update

  • Displays considerations about the analysis result and how to improve it

  • Saves decision projects in encrypted and compressed files

  • Password protection for decision files

  • Import/export from/to CSV files (Microsoft Excel® compatible)

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