Decision Templates

This is a public space where users can share decision templates. Templates can be easily created and submitted directly from Pocket Decider.

For details and to download a template, click on its title.

Notebook 4808-27-091215
Notebook 4108-08-091228
Notebook 3707-31-091205
Exam Grades 1007-29-091192
New Job 1507-29-091269
Best Stores 607-29-091240
My New Home 1707-29-091311
Used Car 3207-29-091182
TV 807-29-091166
Windows Mobile 3207-29-091152
Videogame 1307-23-091158
Restaurant / Place for Event 1407-03-091190
Project Selection 707-02-091196
Printers Comparison 1607-02-091164
Suppliers 907-02-091139
Best Shop 607-02-091126
My New Job 1507-02-091258
Job Candidates 907-02-091181
Digital Cameras 2007-02-091215

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