Pocket Investor: best investment manager for Windows Mobile


Now also available for Android!

Pocket Investor is an innovative investment manager for Windows Mobile Classic and Professional (touch-screen enabled) devices which combines many features in a compact and powerful solution especially designed for small and medium investors in a mobile scenario.

Pocket Investor goes far beyond traditional stock managers go. With Pocket Investor, you can build portfolios with different types of investments, including stocks, options and mutual funds, maintain records of their prices and activities, be alerted about price changes, relevant news and events, analyze them using over 20 different charts, track their performances towards your goals and much more!

With Pocket Investor you always have instant answers to questions like:
  • How are my investments performing today, this week, this month or this year?

  • What is the current market value of my porfolio?

  • How are my investments allocated, including those in mutual funds?

  • How are my stocks diversified?

  • How risky is my portfolio today?

  • How close am I from the goals I defined for my investments?

  • What are the latest news and upcoming events that may impact my investments?

Free Trial Learn more about the extensive list of features and download the free 30-day trial.

You soon will discover why Pocket Investor is by far the most complete software in its class!
Pocket Investor puts all your stock portfolio in the palm of your hand
Pocket Investor, the best investment manager for Windows Mobile

A few words from our customers

"Pocket investor is fantastic. I looked at all the other similar windows mobile applications, and none of them came close."

"I've tried almost all of them available on Handango, bought another one before this one, and this one by far is the best! Not only will it track changing prices, you can actually enter buys and sells to check the value of your portfolio (a feature alot of them seem to leave out)."

"Having used "stock watcher" applications for PPCs for a long time, I recently found this program and decided to test it. Well, simply put this is the first one I've seen that really focuses on personal investments and goes far beyond watching stock prices."

"In addition to a strong support for stocks (including a nice "floating" ticker), and a long list of features, this program supports mutual funds and even let me specify their composition using percentages (a la MS Money). It also plays a cash register sound when my portfolio value increases by a predefined amount, or a buzz sound when things go down, so I don't need to look at the screen to know if I'm in trouble (...) I spent a long time searching for a good investment manager for my TyTN, and this is the most complete software I ever saw in this category."
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