Pocket Investor: best investment manager for Windows Mobile


What makes Pocket Investor different from other stock tracker software?
Instead of simply retrieving stock prices, Pocket Investor fully utilizes the power of your Windows Mobile device providing a central place where you can track different types of investments, like stocks, options and mutual funds, enter activities, configure alerts, receive relevant news, access online media, analyze charts and much more, all in a convenient mobile interface. No other software in this segment offer so many features as Pocket Investor.
When I run Pocket Investor, I get the message: "PocketInvestor.exe requires newer version of the .NET Compact Framework than version on device". What's wrong?
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Pocket Investor?
My device does not have phone capabilities or it cannot connect to the Internet directly. How can update the price of my investments?
Do I have to pay to download price data?
I have a large list of stocks in my "Watch list", and I update their prices frequently. How will this impact my phone bill?
My device is a Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphone (it does not have a touch-screen). Will Pocket Investor work?
I live outside US. Will Pocket Investor retrieve prices for my stocks and mutual funds?
Pocket Investor is not retrieving prices for my stocks. What's wrong?
Why are charts like Intraday Price and Price Variation not displaying any data?
Investment/Porfolio Summary and News are not correctly displayed and I can't scroll to see the entire page (I'm using WM 6.5).
Is Pocket Investor compatible with Windows Phone 7 devices?
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