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Version History

02-17-2010 - version 3.1.3
- Added support for the new format used for US options
- Investment news can now be shared via Twitter

01-18-2010 - version 3.1.2
- Support for "Custom" price update mode via 3rd party plugins implementing ICustomUpdatePlugin interface
- Added removal confirmation for prices, activities, alerts, events and goals
- Fixed error when updating prices for some investments
- Fix for incompatibility of reports with WM 6.5 incorporated in program (see FAQ)

05-15-2009 - version 3.1.1
- Option to enable/disable plugins (Settings/Other tab)
- New E-mail plugin
- Fixed bug when retrieving specific symbols
- Other minor fixes

03-28-2009 - version 3.1
- New: Support for plugins
- Improved: "Capture From Info Page" function now recognizes date formats other than the local format
- Fixed: Crash when viewing portfolio summary with no portfolio selected

02-14-2009 - version 3.0
- New: Custom Views (+30 fields available, pre-defined filters and landscape-only columns) - customizable in program options, View tab
- New: Support for Bonds (including automatic calculation of current yield and yield to maturity)
- New: Portfolio Summary
- New: Capture expressions (used in "Capture From Info Page" update mode) can now be built automatically
- New: Export current view as CSV (Tools menu)
- New: "Recovery % needed to break-even" included in investment summary and custom views
- New: Added button to expand/collapse descriptions in News screen
- New: Option to expand all descriptions when News screen is displayed
- News details goes directly to source
- "Update only once a day" setting is now configurable per-investment
- Program settings moved to Registry (reconfiguration needed)
- Investment symbol expanded to 12 chars to accommodate ISIN codes
- Minor UI changes
Current 2.x users: Please check our special upgrade conditions.

12-17-2008 - version 2.4.3
- Fixed error preventing updates in devices with specific time formats (italian devices, for example)
- Fixed error parsing quotes with company names ending in a comma
- A warning is now shown if an Exchange Rate is created when the local currency is not defined

10-21-2008 - version 2.4.2
- Quote date assumed as current date when not obtained from quote provider
- Media Player now used directly when accessing online media sources (News)
- Fixed bug in RSS retrieval

09-23-2008 - version 2.4.1
- Fixed: Crash when viewing Summary screen for investments other than stocks
- Fixed: Problem parsing some RSS news with long dates
- Stop button changes back to Update faster after quote updates
- Better sizing of grid columns
- Minor cosmetic changes in News screen

09-07-2008 - version 2.4
- New: Stock Indicators view (P/E ratio, Dividend Yield and Earnings Yield)
- New: 3 Stock Indicator Charts
- New: Indicator fields shown in stock summary
- New: Monthly savings goal (customizable in program options) displayed as reference in Savings Chart
- New: Option to show investment names instead of symbols (useful for HK stocks, for example)
- New: Option for large buttons on toolbar for easier touch operation
- New: Support for HTC SmartTouch (scroll wheel) in HTC Touch Diamond/Pro devices
- New: Stop command provided during online updates
- Portfolio selection not required in Savings Goal chart anymore
- Price import and download menus moved to Price History screen
- Activity import menu moved to Activities screen
- Prices shown everywhere with up to 4 decimal places
- Fixed: Auto update with 1 hour interval

08-07-2008 - version 2.3.1
- New: Auto Filter (applies the best conditions for each view)
- New: "Previously Owned" filter
- New: Clear filter menu option
- New: Inv/Gain view splitted into 2 new views: Positions and Gains
- New: Customizable font size for lists
- New: Two new Price Variation charts: 30d and 12m
- Improved: Database engine upgraded to SQL Server Compact 3.5
- Improved: Program installer now includes SQL Server as default
- Improved: Compact Framework 3.5 is used instead of 2.0 if both are present on device
- Improved: Period can be entered in months or years in Value Estimator
- Improved: Option to display monthly results or only the final result (default) in Value Estimator
- Improved: Button to sell/transfer whole quantity in Activities screen
- Fixed: Index comparison in Summary screen
- Fixed: Missing price change for exchange rates in Prices View
- Fixed: Error in Price Evolution charts depending on local date format
- Other minor fixes

07-01-2008 - version 2.2
- New: Global Alerts
- New: Custom value format (for lists) in program settings
- New: Agenda event can be added to Outlook Calendar
- Improved alert notifications
- Fixed: Loss alert
- Fixed: Skweezer new URL

06-12-2008 - version 2.1
- New: Highlight for high price changes (Prices view)
- New: Total % in portfolio (Investment Summary)
- Improved support for stock splits
- Improved chart reports
- Minor fixes

05-13-2008 - version 2.0
- New: Update prices via HTML capture
- New: Agenda module for financial events
- New: Alerts for events (enabled/disabled via program options)
- New: Graphic Toolbar (shown/hidden via program options)
- New: Search mode by symbol/name
- New: Duplicate Investment function
- New: Support for online media (TV and radio) in News screen
- New: Send news items by e-mail
- New: Clip news items for future reference
- New: Option to update prices only once a day for selected investments
- New: Price variation from last trade (Summary screen)
- Improved: Alert timestamp/count
- Minor fixes and optimizations
Current users: Contact us and provide purchase info (name, previous code, purchase method) in order to obtain at no cost a registration code valid for this version.
04-12-2008 - version 1.6.3
- Minor fixes and optimizations

03-01-2008 - version 1.6.1
- Improved: Reduced data traffic when updating prices
- Fixed: Reference Index comparison
- Other minor fixes

02-16-2008 - version 1.6
- New: Reference Index for price variation comparison
- New: Price Variation chart
- New: Monthly Savings chart
- New: Save chart as image
- Improved: New activities for transfer and adjustment of cash accounts
- Improved: Chart screen redesigned for better one hand usage
- Improved: Investment and portfolio selection in Chart screen are kept for next chart
- Minor fixes

01-31-2008 - version 1.5
- New: Support for Options
- New: New Options view
- New: Alert for losses (absolute value or percentage)
- New: Automatic datafile compression (weekly)
- New: HTML optimization using Skweezer
- Improved: Qty/Price shown in Activity list
- Minor fixes

01-15-2008 - version 1.4
- New: Stock category field (small/mid/large cap)
- New: Stock category allocation chart
- New: Risk allocation chart
- New: Fund Composition (bonds, money market, large/mid/small caps, other)
- New: Auto change view when cradled (option)
- New: Price evolution for 7 days (Investment Summary)
- Improved: Investment Type chart now includes composition of funds

12-19-2007 - version 1.3
- New: Average Buy Price (Investment Summary)
- New: Save investment summary as HTML
- New: Update progress indicator
- New: Movable alerts
- New: Change view automatically (setting)
- New: Split shares function (quantity adjustment)
- Fixed: Holding period for investments no longer owned

11-30-2007 - version 1.2
- New: Auto-update for mutual funds available on Yahoo! Finance
- New: Progressive alerts for Goals
- New: Alert for total value changed
- Improved: Direct buy/sell activities from context menu (investment lists)
- Improved: Navigation using hardware keys (price history, activities, alerts and goals)
- Improved: Pre-defined RSS sources
- Improved: Optionally tests connection to RSS source before adding it
- Improved: Detection of enclosures in RSS items
- Fixed: Bug reading some RSS items
- Fixed: Bug in investment removal
- Other minor fixes

11-14-2007 - version 1.1
- New: Scheduled updates (day of week and period)
- New: Custom keywords in the News Filter
- New: News Alerts
- New: Invert & Repeat option for alerts

11-01-2007 - version 1.0
Here we go!

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