Contrack is a personal networking tool that helps you to keep in touch with friends, relatives and professional contacts, by tracking when and how you contacted each person and suggesting who to call next, based on priorities and time limits.

By means of a "check-in" system, you earn points for every interaction recorded, which are used to track your networking performance over the last months. Contrack also gives you more statistics about your interactions, like preferred contact methods and most contacted groups and people.

Tracking your interactions using Contrack only requires these simple steps:

  1. Import people from your phone book
  2. Check-in whenever you interact with someone in your list
  3. Let Contrack show you who to contact next and how active you have been with your contact network

The following sections explain these steps in more details. 

Adding contacts

You may have hundreds of people in your phone's contact list, so probably you will not want to track your interactions with every person there. For this reason, Contrack keeps its own list of contacts to track.

To add people to Contrack's list, press + at the bottom of the main screen, then select all contacts you wish to import. When importing records from the phone book, you can use the button at the top to create a new contact.

Contact details

Tapping an entry in the main contact list displays more info about the contact and allows you to perform the following actions:

Priority Level: Used to classify and prioritize contacts, and to calculate "contact points" (more on this later). For example, for professional contacts you might use 1 for higher hierarchical positions or clients, 2 for same title/position and 3 for other areas. For personal contacts you might use 1 for family, 2 for closest friends, 3 for acquaintances etc. Prioritizing contacts is optional (you may choose to use the same level for all contacts), however it can help you to better balance your interaction time.

View Contact: Opens the corresponding contact in your phone's default contact manager app, from where you can call or text him/her.

Call Contact: Calls the contact's mobile number directly.

Follow-up: You can schedule a specific date when you wish to get in touch with a contact. Contrack will then remind you when the selected date is reached. You can change the schedule or cancel it using the same button. A follow-up is automatically canceled when a check-in is made with the contact on or after the date scheduled.

Set Groups: Assigns the contact to one or more groups for filtering purposes.

Relink: Use this button to link the contact to another person in your phone book, transferring its data and check-in history (this can be useful if the original contact is accidentally deleted from the phone and recreated later, for example).

Remove Contact: Removes a contact from the app. Note that this only removes the contact's data from Contrack; the original record in your phone book is not touched.

Disable tracking: You can use this option to disable time alerts for contacts that became your work colleagues, avoiding the need of recording interactions for them.

Notes: General notes about the contact.

Contact History: At the bottom of the screen you can see all check-ins that have been recorded for a person. Tapping his/her record in the list allows you to edit the corresponding check-in or remove it.

Recording interactions

In order to track interactions with people in your list, Contrack uses a concept based on "check-ins". To record the latest interaction made with a single person, tap the contact entry and then click on the blue button at the bottom right of the contact details screen. Then inform the latest date he or she was contacted, how this happened (in person, by phone etc), who started this interaction and optionally a brief note (place, occasion etc).

Every time you do a check-in, Contrack rewards you with "contact points", based on the person's priority level, contact method and other factors, according to these rules: 

  • 1-3 points depending on the person's priority level
  • +2 points if contact method is "In Person", or +1 point if it is "Phone"
  • +1 point if the interaction is started by you
  • +1 point if interaction happens within the time limit defined for the priority level
  • +2 points if first interaction with the person
  • +3 points if you helped this person in some way on this occasion ("karma" points)

These points are computed to show your monthly performance in a chart accessible via the Statistics screen and also to represent your relationship with each of your contacts as "thermometers" shown in the main list. Depending on the total number of points, you also reach ranks and earn "badges" within the app.

Note: Networking should be seen as a continuous process, and for this reason, points, statistics and ranks are based on interactions from the last 12 months. Your rank level may go down if you stop interacting for a while.

It is also possible to check in with multiple contacts at once, what can be especially useful when meeting people in an event. To do this, tap and hold the first contact on the main list to select it and then tap the other contacts sequentially to select them as well. Finally, tap the check-in button that appears at the top of the screen and fill the check-in info as usual. 

Automatic check-ins

If upgraded to the Premium version, Contrack can create check-ins automatically for you in the following ways: 

  • Periodically searching your phone's call log for the last time you contacted someone.
  • Searching notifications for other forms of contact like Whatsapp and Hangout messages. The app must be allowed to read notifications in device settings, and the contact name in Contrack must match the name shown in the notifications.
  • Detecting nearby Contrack users which are in your list. This function must be initiated manually from the main screen, using Menu/Detect contacts. You must inform your name in app settings so that it will be presented to other users, and the name of the user must match the one in your contact list.

Note: If a check-in already exists for the contact in the same date it will not be overwritten. 

Searching/filtering contacts

Use the Search button at the top to filter the contact list using an expression. When finished, press the Back button on your phone to return to the normal list. 

Use the second button in the toolbar to filter the contact list by specific contact groups or priority. 

Time limits

Contrack uses customizable day limits and priority levels in order to organize your contact list.

The default limits (maximum days since last contact) are 30 days for contacts with priority 1, 60 days for contacts with priority 2 and 90 days those with priority 3.

When a limit is about to be exceeded for a contact (approximately 30% of the time allowed), it will be marked in yellow in the main list. When the period is exceeded, it will change to red and - in premium version - trigger a notification. 

Contact reminders

Contrack Premium version allows you to receive a notification when the last time you contacted someone exceeds the limit defined. The reminder will be shown again for the same person once a week until you mark he/she as contacted. Using this feature you do not have to remember to check your contact list frequently, as this process works in background even when the program is not running. 

Contrack can also display birthday reminders if the corresponding setting is active in program settings. 

Home widget

Contrack includes a widget which displays each contact sequentially on the home screen, along with the last contact date. Depending on the app settings, you can tap the contact to show its details, perform a check-in or open the app. Tap the arrow at the right of the widget to move to the next contact. 

Wear OS

Contrack includes a companion app for Android Wear which allows you to check in or call contacts right from your smartwatch. It is possible to perform these operations also by voice, saying the action ("check in", "call" or "view") and the name of the contact. 

Premium features

You can unlock the following features via an in-app purchase (Left Menu/Upgrade):

  • Automatic check-ins (call log, notifications and nearby users)
  • Repeating follow-ups
  • Contact reminders
  • Birthday notifications
  • Export history to CSV file
  • Backup/Restore data
  • No ads

Note: If you have already purchased the original license app you can continue using it to unlock these features.