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Newspy is a news aggregator and filter designed to search sources for relevant information based on custom rules.

Using Newspy is very simple:

1) Define the sources that will be checked for news. This can include RSS channels, your Twitter timeline, Reddit posts and web pages. 

2) Optionally create one or more rules that will be used to find relevant news and assign them to the news sources. 

Newspy will periodically fetch the latest news from the sources defined, retain those that match your rules, consolidate them in a single stream and notify you of any items found.

The following sections explain in more details how to use the app. 

Search Rules

Newspy uses custom rules to find relevant news for you. To create a rule, press Left Menu/Rules, then tap + at the top of the screen. 

There are three types of matching rules:

  • Any Word: News must contain one or more of the keywords defined;

  • All Words: News must contain all the keywords defined;

  • Regular Expression: News must match the regular expression defined.

Depending on the news source, rules are checked against titles, descriptions and person names. Keywords can be matched as whole words or in any part of any word, and can be case sensitive if desired. Rules can also be inverted (match if their condition is false). 

By default, a rule is considered matched if its keywords or expressions exist in the news item, however it is possible to specify a minimum relevance level to restrict results even more. If the minimum relevance is set to Medium, a rule will match only if its keywords occur in 5% of the text (5 times in 100 words). In level High, keywords must appear in 10% of the text (10 times in 100 words).

A color can be set for each rule in order to identify its matching news in the news stream.

Rules can be chained by means of the "Depends on" selector, forming more complex or reusable conditions. When rule A depends on rule B, even if its own condition matches, it will only be satisfied if the condition set in B also matches (unless B is disabled). For example, if there is a list of names to match in rule "People" and another list in rule "Ignore", this time with option "Invert Condition" set. If rule "People" depends on rule "Ignore", it will only match if the words it contains are found in a news item AND the words in "Ignore" are not. Note that the list of sources previously assigned to "Ignore" is irrelevant when it is used as a dependency by rule "People". 

You can enable and disable rules in the rule list using the check boxes. Tap and hold a rule to edit or remove it, or specify which news sources to apply it to. 

News Sources

Newspy can search several sources for relevant news. To define a news source, press Left Menu/Sources, then tap + at the top of the screen.

Currently these are the possible sources you can choose:

  • RSS Feeds: You can add any RSS channel by typing its URL.

  • Twitter: Newspy can search your Twitter timeline or the timeline of any other user if you enter his/her screen name in field User. It is necessary to authorize access to Twitter in program settings.

  • Reddit: Newspy can retrieve posts from your front page (requires your user name and password) or from a specific subreddit.

  • Web page: Any web page can be searched for news. This can help in cases where a RSS feed is not provided by the site. Important: after the search expression is found in the web page, the corresponding source is automatically disabled in Newspy so that it is not triggered again while the expression is still in the page in the following checks.

Newspy also offers several means of importing RSS channels directly into the app. Pressing the "Import" button, import subscriptions from, select channels from OPML files (local or remote), web sites or a list of suggested channels.

You can enable and disable sources in the source list using the check boxes. Tap a source to edit or delete it, and the red label at the right to assign one or more search rules to the source. 

Rules x Sources

After sources and rules have been defined, it is time to associate then. To assign rules to sources, tap the red counter label at the right side of each rule, then check all sources that should be checked against the rule. You can do the same in the sources list, but this time choosing what rules to apply to each source instead.

If a source has no rules assigned to it, Newspy will collect all its items on every update. This mode is not supported by web page sources, which require rules to work. 

News Stream

When Newspy collects a new item, it is added to the news stream. If the item matched at least one rule, the first rule's color will be shown at the left of the item. Tap an item to preview its contents, and press and hold it to clip, mark as read, share or delete it. You can also swipe an item left or right to delete it. 

News Preview

Tap any item on the news stream to preview its contents in Newspy. Depending on the news type, you may see its full content or just part of it.

Use the buttons at the top to read the original source, clip, annotate or share the item currently displayed. You can also navigate among news items using the buttons at the bottom or by swiping the screen left and right. 

Clipping News

In order to save storage, Newspy keeps only a certain number of news items in its database. You can protect specific entries from deletion by "clipping" then. To clip an item, tap and hold it in the news stream and select Clip. It will be copied to the Clipping list and will remain there until you manually delete it. 

Annotating News

You can attach your own notes to news items either via the context menu in the list view or in the News Preview screen. When a note is added, the item is automatically "clipped". The note can then be seen below the news text in the preview screen. 

Exporting News

It is possible to export all the latest news or clippings to a compatible app in HTML format using Menu/Export. You can, for example, send them to yourself by e-mail in order to visit all links in your desktop PC. 


Newspy can read the latest news to you using your device's TTS engine. This can be especially useful when commuting, for example. To use this feature, you must first activate it in program settings, where you can also opt to enable it only when a headset is connected. As you may have news sources in a different language than the one used by the TTS engine, you can also enable/disable this function independently in each source's details screen. 


Press Left Menu/Settings to access the Settings screen, where you can authorize access to social sources and adjust some preferences like the interval for auto-updates.

Note:Retrieving many news items in short update intervals may impact your phone's battery life and your phone bill, depending on your data plan. Be sure to set an appropriated interval according to your needs. 

Paid Version

The following premium features can be enabled via an one-time in-app purchase:

  • No ads
  • Unlimited news sources and search rules
  • Notifications for new items found
  • Open sources directly from news list