MyDecision - Press Release

March, 26th 2012 - App Turns Android Phones Into Review/Decision Tools

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Acquasys announced the availability of MyDecision, an Android app that can help solving simple comparisons or complex decision problems involving a large number of options, criteria and opinions.

MyDecision allows one to quickly rate and compare choices based on any number of criteria and opinions with different weights, and generate ranking reports and comparison charts that can help in the decision process. Usage is simple; the user must create a project, inform the criteria (with corresponding weights), enter the options to compare, rate all options against the criteria, and view the results. Each criterion, option and opinion can be enabled or disabled with a single click, and the change is immediately reflected in a preview panel, what makes easy to test different scenarios and combinations.

Facts and specifications, which can be provided for each option to help in the rating process, can also be published in the result report in a similar way to comparison tables found in review sites. The app also offers templates for comparing phones, cars, houses and jobs, among others.

"Everybody is constantly trying to decide about anything, everywhere. So having a tool that can help us to quickly build comparisons, consider all factors and decide rationally, at any time and place, can be very convenient', said Heber Acquafreda, founder and CEO of Acquasys. "MyDecision has unlimited applicability and high reuse potential".

MyDecision is available in the Google Play Store in a free version which is ad-supported and limited in the number of criteria, options and opinions allowed per project. A premium license, available for purchase, removes all ads and limitations.

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