Smart apps for smart people

Acquasys provides innovative applications that can leverage the capabilities of your mobile device and make it more productive.

Here you will find detailed information about our titles for Android. Please contact us if you need any assistance.


InvestControl is a powerful portfolio manager which combines many features in a compact and friendly solution designed for investors who wish to keep track of their assets anywhere.

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MyDecision is a mobile decision tool that can help in any scenario where a rational comparison is needed. It can be used equally well for simple comparisons or for complex decision problems involving a large number of options, criteria and opinions.

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Contrack is a personal networking tool that helps you to stay in touch with professional contacts, friends and relatives by tracking when and how you contacted each person and suggesting who to call next, based on priorities and time limits you define.

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Time Balance

Time Balance is a personal-oriented time tracker that can help you to make a better use of your day by controlling the duration of common activities like exercises, study, work, commutes, sleep, time with family etc.

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Time4Work is a full-featured and friendly task/project manager which has advanced features found in professional project management tools, like task dependencies, gantt charts, work calendar and expense control.

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ControlRef allows you to build custom lists with all key/button mappings for any console or PC game, and have them displayed as a reference on your phone while you play. Can also be used with complex desktop applications like Photoshop.

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I-Did offers a simple yet effective way of tracking actions for self-improvement. The app alows you to define actions that accrue points (which can positive or negative) when executed, and track your evolution over the last weeks and months. 

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SmartPack is an easy-to-use packing assistant tool with an exclusive voice mode! 

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