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I-Did offers a simple yet effective way of tracking actions for self-improvement. The app alows you to define actions that accrue points (which can positive or negative) when executed, and track your evolution over the last weeks and months. 

Optionally it is possible to have a second person (who can be a partner, parent or friend) validating your actions before they count as points. This alows you to keep an accurate history of actions that have been actively acknowledged by the other person, for future reference.

How it works:

1) You two agree on a list of things you should be doing regularly
2) Check the actions you did today
3) Handle your phone to the other person, who will approve the actions you did using his/her secret PIN
4) Review the progress chart together periodically and adjust as needed.

Example scenarios:

- To improve your relationship, you and your partner define a list of things you would like the other to do. Every couple of days you handle your phone to each other and review his/her actions in the app. From time to time you also review each other's progress chart to see what needs more effort.

- You and a friend agree on a bet: who doesn't go to the gym at least X times in a month will pay a penalty to the other. Each of you use the app to check when you go there and to confirm if the other did it too.

- You give a list of tasks to your kid and explain that his/her monthly allowance will be conditioned to a certain number of points earned in a month. He/she checks the tasks with you in the afternoon. Later you see in the progress chart if the goal has been reached.

These are only a few ideas and having someone to review your actions is entirely optional. If you use the app alone you just have to be fair with yourself. ;-)

Other features:

- Categories: Create separate sets of tasks to improve your health, relationship, career etc
- Configurable points: Each action can give 1 to 3 points, either positive or negative
- Edits can be locked by the reviewer user so actions cannot be altered
- Actions can have comments, with support to voice input and quick search
- Data is stored locally on your device. This means total privacy and no recurring server fees.

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