Time4WorkTime4Work is a full-featured and friendly task/project manager which has advanced features found in professional project management tools, like task dependencies, gantt charts, work calendar and expense control.


★ Provides task timers that can run exclusively or in parallel and work even when the app is not running (in this case they consume almost no battery).

★ Displays project schedules in a Gantt chart.

★ Supports subtasks/summary tasks, repeating tasks, on-hold tasks and milestones.

★ Displays alert notifications for delayed and overdue tasks.

★ Supports multiple task dependencies (Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Start-to-Finished and Finish-to-Finish).

★ Includes a built-in calendar for non-working days and finish dates.

★ Finish dates can be automatically scheduled considering effort, dependencies and non-working days.

★ A PERT calculator provided for estimates.

★ Includes a full-featured expense manager with optional integration with Expensify.

★ Tracks the approval flow for tasks and expenses (submitted, approved, paid).

★ A graphical summary presents project/client/task allocation, percent billable, approval statuses, receivables etc.

★ Imports/exports MS Project files in XML format.

★ Tasks, expenses and time entries can be exported to CSV files and manipulated in desktop apps like Microsoft Excel.

★ It is possible to change, start and stop activities using a home screen widget.

★ Companion app for Wear OS smartwatches: allows you to start, stop and adjust tasks right from your wrist.


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