SmartPack is an easy-to-use packing assistant which helps you to prepare your packing list with minimum effort. The app comes with several common items suitable for different travel situations (contexts), which can be customized as desired.

When your list is ready, you can start packing without even looking at your phone by using Voice Mode, where the app will read the list out loud sequentially and wait for your verbal confirmation as you pack each item.


- Automatically suggests what to bring with you based on travel duration, gender and contexts/activities (ie. cold or hot weather, plane, driving, business etc)

- Exclusive Voice Mode: use your voice to check items while the app tells you what to pack next

- Built-in item list is fully customizable and you can add and remove items as desired

- Unlimited contexts and categories to organize items according to your needs

- Currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (items can be freely renamed to other languages if desired).