Version History

08-06-2009 - version 3.1
- New: Optional result preview pane shows the current option rank instantly at every data update
- New: Result report can be generated in 2 layouts (mobile or desktop)
- Improved: Fact field brings values chosen for other options for easier input
- Improved: Stars rating increases or decreases depending on tap location
- Minor fixes

07-16-2009 - version 3.0
- New: Templates can be published to for public sharing
- New: Public templates can be downloaded directly from program
- New: New criterion type: Stars
- New: Criterion ratings can be copied to all other options
- New: Separate settings for project and program
- New: Auto Sort option
- New: VGA/WVGA compatible
- Improved: Interface redesigned for better touch operation
- Improved: Result charts can be viewed by criterion or by option
- Note: Starting from this version, WM 5.0 or later is required

Current 2.x users: Please check our special upgrade conditions.

12-02-2005 - version 2.1
- New: Support for WM 5.0 soft keys
- New: Support for .NET CF 2.0 on devices with CF 1.0 in ROM, for better performance
- New: New buttons for "yes/no" type
- New: "Fixed Value" option for criteria (a single rating is used in all opinions)

06-16-2005 - version 2.0
- New: Customizable Simulation mode
- New: "Textual" criterion type with customizable labels
- New: Customizable labels for "yes/no" type
- New: "Info URL" option field
- New: "Lock Opinions" setting
- Redesigned Settings screen
- Redesigned Decision Report, now with customizable contents
- Minor fixes
- Improved User Manual

05-16-2005 - version 1.5
- New: Criteria categories
- New: Preferred Options / Preference Factor
- New: "Minimum score" setting
- New: "Ignore Weights" setting

03-22-2005 - version 1.3
- More templates added
- "Enable/Disable All" menus added for criteria, options and opinions
- Improved Trial mode
- New Windows installer

02-03-2005 - version 1.2
- New: A detailed bar chart (Result screen) represents each criteria rating per option and each option rating per criteria
- Minor UI Changes

01-24-2005 - version 1.1
- New: Quick Entry Form for fast criteria/options/opinions inclusion

01-17-2005 - version 1.0
- First public release
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