Pocket Investor: best investment manager for Windows Mobile


Multiple Investment Types
  • Supports stocks, options, bonds, funds, cash accounts, indices, exchange rates and generic investment types

  • Supports investments in multiple currencies
Automatic Updates
  • Automatic data updates can occur at specific days, times and invervals (for example, every 15 minutes, only on workdays from 9am - 6pm)

  • When price information is not available directly from the quote provider, Pocket Investor can capture it from HTML pages. This powerful feature can be used for non-US funds/options and commodities, for example
Investment News
  • Reads news from your favorite RSS channels

  • News Filter retains only news related to your investments or to custom keywords

  • News can be sent by e-mail or "clipped" for later reference

  • Allows direct access to online TVs and Radio programs specialized in finance and investments, like Bloomberg and BBC (pre-defined channels are provided and more can be added by the user)
Custom Views
  • Up to 10 fully customizable views available for information grouping - create, edit or remove pre-defined views, choose from over 30 available columns, adjust column order and size and set default filters by investment type / owned status

  • Pre-defined views provided for immediate usage: Last Prices, Last Trades, Positions, Gains, Price Variations, Stock Indicators, Options and Bonds

  • Optional "landscape only" fields take advantage of extra horizontal space when in landscape mode (great for WVGA devices)

  • Optional view auto-rotation, activated when device is cradled

  • Search Mode helps you to quickly locate investments in large lists

  • Exclusive Option tracking view with strike price, remaining days for expiration and status indicator (in/out/at-the-money)

  • Views can be exported to CSV files for import in Excel spreadsheets or other applications (plugin provided)
  • Over 20 analytical charts: Intraday Price, Price Evolution - 30d and 12m, Price Variation - 30d, 12m and Summary, Annual Rate of Return, Total Gain, P/E Ratio, Earnings Yield, Dividend Yield, Monthly Savings, Invest. Allocation, Invest. Type Allocation, Stock Allocation, Stock Cap. Allocation, Risk Allocation, Market Sector Allocation, Institution Allocation, Total Value Evolution, Goal Allocation and Goal Status.

  • Exclusive Describe function (turns any chart into a report)
  • Activity history (buys, sales, transfers, adjustments, dividends received and fees paid)

  • Supports transfers to/from cash accounts
  • Default commission/fee automatic calculation
Price History
  • Maintains offline price history for each investment (manual updates are possible)

  • Downloads up to 24 months of historical data for each investment

  • Customizable import function (CSV files)
Investment Agenda
  • Includes an Investment Agenda for relevant events such as IPO dates, corporate results and meetings

  • Built-in alert at event date/time (optionally creates a reminder in Pocket Outlook)
  • Complete Investment Summary including automatic calculation of gain, rate of return, break-even and average price, and performance comparison to a reference index (ex. Dow Jones, Nasdaq etc)

  • Portfolio Summary including overall performance, allocation and best/worst performers
Custom Alerts
  • Individual and global alerts for price and market value (fixed value, percent from last purchase or break-even value), gains and losses

  • Alerts can be configured to fire once, invert-and-repeat (useful to track when price crosses below or above the break-even price) or adjust-and-repeat (useful for track incremental changes in price/value by a given percent or fixed amount)

  • Special sound notifications (quote update, price increase/decrease, market value increase/decrease)
Goal Tracking
  • Allows creation of multiple goals with portfolio allocation %, target date and target value

  • Special view with percent achieved for each goal

  • Dedicated chart for target values x current portfolio value

  • Optional progressive alerts for each 10% achieved for each goal
Stock-Specific Features
  • Intraday stock details (price, volume, day change, day low, day high, last close, 52 weeks low, 52 weeks high)

  • Retrieves and compares stock indicators (P/E ratio, Earnings Yield and Dividend Yield)

  • Supports stock splits and reverse stock splits to adjust price history

  • "Quick Add Stocks" screen for fast data entry
Plugin Architecture
  • Pocket Investor can be expanded using optional plugins

  • Several plugins are provided initialy, like CSV Export, PC Viewer, Watch viewer and others

  • 3rd party developers can easily write plugins following simple steps
Other Features
  • Floating ticker showing latest quotes and RSS news (works also when program is minimized and over special interfaces like TouchFLO)

  • Integrated estimator tool calculates future portfolio value given a period in months/years, a monthly amount invested and a hypothetical rate of return that can be obtained automatically from one of your investments

  • Supports multiple data files with encryption and password protection

  • Auto-detection of version updates
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