• What are contact points? How do I earn them?
    Contact points are used by Contrack to measure the quality of your interactions over the time, presented as a chart. You earn points every time you perform a check-in in the app.

  • How contact points are calculated?
    The quantity of points earned for a check-in depends on several factors: First interaction with a person: +1 point; Low priority contact: +1 point; Medium priority contact: +2 points; High priority contact: +3 points; Contact made in person: +2 points; Contact made by phone: +1 point; Contact made within the time limit for the priority level: +1 point. When a "multiple" check-in is done, the app calculates and sums the points for each person in the group.

  • I've removed a contact from my phonebook and created another one in its place. How can I tell Contrack to use the new record for that person?
    Edit the corresponding entry in Contrack and use the 'Relink' button to select the new record from the phonebook.

  • Contrack is not showing the correct person when I try to view contact details.
    The link between Contrack and the phonebook may be lost in some cases, for example if the phone suffers a hard reset. In this case, edit the contact and use "Relink" to select the corresponding person in the phonebook.

  • Can I add contacts that are not in my phonebook?
    No. Contrack links its records to entries in the phonebook so they can be updated automatically with photos, call info and other data. It is possible however to create a contact in the phonebook from within the app, and have it added automatically to Contrack.

  • I just added a contact in premium version but Contrack did not read its last phone call from the call log. What's wrong?
    Contrack only searches the call log periodically to save battery, so it may take up to one hour until the call info of a new contact is read.

  • Can I import my contacts from Facebook/LinkedIn?
    Facebook and LinkedIn restrict access to contact information for 3rd party apps, for this reason it is not possible to download your contacts directly. However, you can configure their apps to sync with your phone book, and once their contacts are there you can import them normally into Contrack. Please consult their documentation for more information on how to sync your contacts.

  • I've found a bug!
    Please contact us about your problem, including any information that could be useful to reproduce the issue, or a screenshot.

  • I have a suggestion for improvement.
    Great, please use the contact form and let us know!