• What is Newspy? Is it another RSS reader?
    Newspy is a news aggregator and filter app which continuously searches several sources for news that are relevant to you. This includes RSS and other sources like Twitter and Reddit.

  • How can I configure the app for my preferred subjects?
    Add your favorite RSS channels and other sources like Twitter as news sources in the app. Then create one or more rules with the keywords you are interested in (ex: android, U2). Please refer to the internal help for detailed instructions.

  • How can I use it to find deals?
    First locate the RSS addresses for deals sites in your region, like Groupon, SlickDeals etc, and enter them as news sources in the app. Then create a rule using the products and services you are interested in as keywords (ex: hotel, japanese food).

  • I've received some "false alerts" for words found in a source I didn't mean to. How can I avoid this?
    Check if rules are properly associate with souces to avoid false matches. Additionally, you may want to increase the relevance level required for a rule to match.

  • I've found a bug! 
    Please contact us about your problem, including any information that could be useful to reproduce the issue, or a screenshot. Avoid using Google Play reviews to report bugs since we cannot respond there.

  • I have a suggestion for improvement.
    Great, please use the contact form and let us know!