• Does the app have to be running all the time in order to track my activities? Will it have any impact on battery life?
    No. Time Balance employs a passive time accounting system that does not require the app to remain active after you start an activity, and will work even if you turn off the device.

  • Can Time Balance be used to track work/billable hours?
    Although Time Balance fits better for personal time tracking, activities can be used as work tasks. There are however no project/client categories or billing reports.

  • How does the Tasker/Locale integration work?
    Time Balance includes a plug-in for Tasker and Locale, allowing activities to be started or stopped automatically in response to an event. Just create the desired event/condition in Tasker, select Time Balance plug-in as an action and choose the activity and action to perform (start, stop or toggle).
  • How can I transfer my data to a new phone?
    After installing the app on the new phone, make sure Google Drive or Dropbox are configured as the cloud backup provider in both phones. Use "Menu/Tools/Backup data" on your old phone to upload your data to the provider, then in your new phone use "Menu/Tools/Restore data" to download the data.
  • I've found a bug!
    Please contact us about your problem, including any information that could be useful to reproduce the issue, or a screenshot. Avoid using Market reviews to report bugs since we cannot respond there.

  • I have a suggestion for improvement.
    Great, please use the contact form and let us know!