• How does MyDecision work?
    MyDecision compares alternatives using a method based on MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Analysis). Each rating given to an option for a specific criterion is measured against the criterion's weight and the weight of the opinion and then added to the final score. Other elements may affect the final score, like the Value for Money ratio.

  • What is V/M Ratio (Value for Money)?
    For comparisons where cost or budget is a critical decision factor, MyDecision can tell you which option has the best cost/benefit by comparing its normal score against its cost. This produces more precise results than considering the cost as one of the criteria being compared.

  • Why am I not seeing the V/M Ratio in the comparison report?
    First check that this score mode is enabled in the app settings. Then ensure that the cost is provided for all options being compared (option edit screen).

  • The comparison result seems not logical at first glance, what could be wrong?
    Please ensure that you have entered ratings for all options and criteria being compared and also for all opinions, if multiple opinions are being considered. Check also if criteria weights correctly represent their relative importance. You may also gradually enable/disable items while observing the preview panel in order to find which one may be inconsistent.
  • I have many options and criteria to compare, what is the quickest way of doing so?
    Use Menu/Criteria/Add Multiple to add several criteria at once, and optionally use Menu/Criteria/Compare to setup their relative importances. Create the first option and enter all ratings for it. Tap and hold to clone it and modify only the clone's ratings that are different than the original option. Do the same for the remaining options.
  • How can I transfer my data to a new phone?
    After installing the app on the new phone, make sure Google Drive or Dropbox are configured as the cloud backup provider in both phones. Use "Menu/Tools/Backup data" on your old phone to upload your data to the provider, then in your new phone use "Menu/Tools/Restore data" to download the data.
  • I've found a bug! 
    Please contact us about your problem, including any information that could be useful to reproduce the issue, or a screenshot. 

  • I have a suggestion for improvement.
    Great, please use the contact form and let us know!